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It all starts with 3 core small business software products




100% Free Invoice Template

Our free online invoicing software is designed to speed up delivery and payments; our read receipts track when your invoices have been received and read. Our automated discounting can help increase the speed at which you get paid by your clients. Invoice templates reinvented.



100% Free Accounting Software

Bullet’s free online accounting software is a full double entry accounting solution. It’s designed from the ground up for users, but is powerful enough for accountants so we can grow with you. With tax calulators automating your tax returns so can submit your tax online.



Online Payroll Software

Our fully integrated payroll software is ideal for companies from 1 up to 30 staff. We automate all tax returns, integrate expenses and mileage calculators from our mobile app and generate everything that you need to do your tax online.


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We focus on strong User Experience.




Designed for Humans

If you like user focused online applications, you probably won’t like much existing online accounting software. We designed Bullet from the ground up with the user in mind. Our UI team never met our accounting team to ensure the workflows they designed were user, not accounting focused.



built for Machines

Bullet’s software is spread across multiple data centres, which means your data is always backed up and secure. Everything is encrypted to keep you and your data safe. Our API is used by one of Ireland’s largest online marketplaces,



Any device, any time, any platform

Why should you have to do your accounts or payroll at your desk? Whether you’re using our iPhone app that tracks your mileage via GPS and receipt capture, creating and sending Invoices on your iPad or doing payroll on your laptop by the beach (we can all dream!) – it should be up to you to decide where and how you want to use our responsive UI.




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Mobile at our heart


Are you tired of forgetting to claim business expenses?

Is your wallet bulging with fading receipts? Missing out on all the tax you could reclaim on Mileage by not recording business journeys? The Bullet iPhone app will save you money by making recording expenses easier than ever.

Bullet is fully integrated with Bullet Accounts online, so your expenses are automatically included in Payroll and taxes reclaimed.

Our Maps integration means when you’re tracking your mileage, you simply mark the start and the end of your journey. Bullet will workout the distance, calculate the tax back and pop it into your wages for next payroll. All this automatically.




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Pricing: We get paid when you do

We know that money can be tight when you’re in the early days of your business. That’s why our invoicing and accounting is free – you can use Bullet to keep your financials in order without having to struggle with Excel without paying anything.

Once your business has taken off and you’re paying yourself and employees – that’s what we charge for.




€4 per month
Base Fee


€3 per month
per employee for first 10


€1 per month
for every employee after 10



Calculate exact payroll pricing

0 employees (slide to change)





0 per month

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plus 100% free online invoicing



plus 100% free online accounting



Why Community, Why Social Currency

In today’s online age, people value their online voice and the impact of sharing it with the community. The internet has decentralised traditional channels so we know the power of change is back with the community, we know the power is back with you.

In the time Bullet has been engaging with the community, we’ve seen a huge network effect with our product and we wanted to bring that out. Bullet accounting and invoicing is 100% free with no caps for ever. To keep it free we ask you to share your experience on Twitter with a community of like minded people to help everyone.







We’ve an API for makers just like you




Built for developers

We’ve all worked with bad APIs over time – they’re frustrating to use and can induce stress overload. We built our API as we built our UI – to be easy to use. Our focus is on simplicity, consistency and usefulness. We follow lots of RESTful API best practices so you could nearly guess how to use it rather than needing documentation!



You’re in good company

Lots of people are already using our API to do interesting things. One of them is, one of Ireland’s leading online marketplaces. The API is currently private, but email us at if you want access or to be notified when it goes public.



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