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Big Red Book Payroll – Alternative Review
Bullet V’s Big Red Book
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Big Red Book Payroll Overview

See why you’re better with Bullet.

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Looking at online payroll products for your small business? Looking for alternatives to Big Red Book Payroll or other competitors?

We want to make the decision as easy as possible, so we’ve put together some info that’ll help you decide which option is best for you.

Below, you’ll find information to help you compare Bullet and Big Red Book Payroll, including value features, Big Red Book Payroll customer experiences, and a simple English FAQ.

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Big Red Books, a value high-level comparison

Top 4 main reasons not to go with Big Red Book Payroll.

High Level – Issues with Big Red Book Payroll

Big Red Book Payroll is offline software with an old product design.

Accountant focused software. Uses heavy accounting terms. emoj
Needs to be manually updated with new rules. Bullet will do that for you. emoj
Locally saved data so there is a risk of data loss or hacking. emoj

Bullet, fast, simple Irish payroll

Bullet will save you time while doing your payroll for you, saving you more in end of year tax return fees.

# Mark your payroll tax returns as done within the one screen.

# Simple workflows with all the payroll logic built in.

All taxes needed for payroll are automated for you.

Image displays message that Bullets Small Business Accounting Software is 100% free, no limits or tricks
Screen grab of a free instant support conversation, average responce time is 8 minutes

Don't browse Big Red Book Payrolls help files

Starting a business is an anxious time don’t let Big Red Book Payroll capitalise on that. Where’s the community love.

# Get an answer to any question within under 8 minutes.

# Stop searching Google for an answer you’re not sure is even right.

# All Payroll support is in-house no outsourced support.

Things you can do in Bullet but not in Big Red Book

Here is a concise list of all the valuable daily tasks you need to be able to complete to run your company that Big Red Book Payroll doesn’t offer and Bullet Payroll does.

High Level – Issues with Big Red Book Payroll  bullet small business accounting logo Big Red Book payroll alternative
You’ll need to hire an accountant to work with Big Red Books Payroll. happy emoji emoj
You’ll have to run your own backups as Big Red Book is an offline software. happy emoji emoj
Risk of local hard drive corruption and losing all your data. happy emoji emoj
Old looking interface, making the accounting tasks complex. happy emoji emoj
A lot of processes you’ll need to enter manually whereas Bullet automates your payroll. happy emoji emoj
Risk of virus attacks and losing all your data. happy emoji emoj
Full integration between Bullet Accounts and Bullet Payroll.  happy emoji emoj

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“Takes me less then 1 minute to pay a staff

All your questions about Bullet V’s Big Red Book Payroll

Don’t forget you can talk to us about anything with our instant chat

P45s, P60s, Payslips...

Bullet creates your P35, P35l, P45,P60 Payslips, Expense Reports and more.

New payroll rules

We’re compliant for 2019 payroll modrenisation so you don’t need to worry.

Is Bullet secure

Same as a bank, 256 bit SSL certs keeping you safe. Your bank feeds are direct too, no scrapping.

Don't want to mess it up

Our workflows error check as you’re creating payroll.

How easy to setup

Import your P2C file & Bullet will set-up payroll instantly.

Payroll & Accounts

Bullet accounts is fully integrated with Payroll. Reducing errors and workload.

Is Payroll Mac Friendly

Bullets Payroll works on any device connected to the web.

Why the chat support

We believe in community, listening makes reduces your stress.

How long to pay someone

With Bullets simple workflows it will only take about 1 minute to pay someone.

See what Big Red Book customers have to say

Quickbooks alternative customer Haydn giving out about quickbooks on twitter
Quickbooks alternative customer Lindsay giving out about quickbooks on twitter

See how much other payroll software costs

Here is a list of all the Irish payroll software you’re probably going to review. We’ve put together a table of costs to help you make that decision.
The Real Costs of Others Yearly Cost
simple pay payroll alternative Requires training, difficult user interface, no instant support €48
Big Red Book payroll alternative Needs to be manually updated, offline software so the risk of data loss €109
 Sage Payroll Ireland Accounting alternative Slow customer service support, dated software and processes €120
No instant chat support, offline software so the risk of data loss €149
Alternative to Bullet accounting Fast, Modern, full payroll with easy error checking workflows and instant human support €84
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Small Business Payroll Software for Ireland

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